Our Solutions

With our multidisciplinary teams, we take your business even further.

In the Cybersecurity Solutions & Networking area, we implement and manage solutions, infrastructures and custom cybersecurity projects, accompanying our clients throughout the entire process.

Made up of a team of 15 members, with the know-how and experience of many years, we help companies prevent and detect attacks, protecting their business and their data.

We provide consulting and support services, focusing on continuous improvement, availability and collaboration.

In the Cloud & Datacenter area, we help clients transform their systems and infrastructures, optimizing their IT processes, making them more agile and flexible, with a view to continuously improving their business and achieving greater efficiency, resilience and availability of environments.

Through our specialized and certified teams, we provide design and architecture services for traditional IT infrastructures, migration strategies for private cloud and public cloud environments, and management and monitoring of hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures. We are demanding in the application of the best information security practices and have extensive experience in the design and implementation of business continuity plans aligned with the purpose of our clients.

We integrate custom platforms, industry-specific applications and innovative end-to-end technologies, in close collaboration with leading global technology partners.

In the Low Code area we support organizations to overcome the challenges imposed by digital transformation, using innovative solutions that create value for the business.

As OutSystems Sales and Delivery partners, we not only commercialize the licensing of this platform, but also provide consulting services and support.

With the experience of our qualified and certified consultants, we operate in national and international markets, from our own structure and a network of partners. We guarantee, in everything we do, the commitment to quality in delivery, applying the best software development practices.

In the Information Management area, we are dedicated to the implementation of document management and information processing solutions, responding to topics such as ECM and BPM, information capture processes using Artificial Intelligence and RPA complements.

Our offer is based on partnerships established with IBM and OPENTEXT and RedShift’s own products, such as RED.Doc (Document Management) and RED.Scan (Information Capture).

With confidentiality, integrity and honesty as our mottos, we have many years of experience in document management.

In the Governance, Risk & Compliance area, we provide support to organizations and professionals to comply with national and international legal, regulatory, contractual and normative requirements.

We support processes for obtaining certifications in the areas of risk management, information security and cybersecurity, privacy and personal data protection management, business continuity and disaster recovery and IT governance and service management.

The success of our work is due to the work developed by our team, whose assets are rigor, professionalism and seriousness.

In the SOC & Cybersecurity Services area, we guarantee the provision of specialized and highly differentiated cybersecurity services, strengthening the resilience and business continuity of organizations.

From our Security Operations Center, Redshift ensures mechanisms for Monitoring, Detection, Response and Recovery of Security Incidents in our customers/partners, through the integration of complementary capabilities of Threat Intelligence, Digital Forensics and Continuous Vulnerability Analysis.

We ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information, when and where needed, making organizations more resilient to attempted compromise by malicious actors.