Your Adaptative CSP (Content Services Platform)

RED.doc is an agile Document Management and Workflow platform that, due to its high degree of configurability, allows at low cost its continuous adaptability to the reality of our Clients regardless of the organizational changes that may exist throughout its life. This characteristic gives a high degree of autonomy to our Customers and Partners. RED.doc has a set of features that aim to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Why RED.doc?

  • checkCorporate solution for document management and process automation
  • checkAgile platform for quick project implementation
  • checkExtremely adaptive solution that allows low maintenance costs and great autonomy for customers; Integrable solution with customers business applications
  • checkScalable architecture (on-premises/ cloud)
  • checkCompetitive price

Key features

  • checkAdaptive CSP
  • checkDigitization / Import
  • checkIndexing
  • checkArchive
  • checkWorkflow (ad-hoc & automatic)
  • checkDocument versioning
  • checkDigital and / or digitized signature of Word or PDF documents
  • checkDocument Life Cycle Management
  • checkComplete reports
  • checkIntegration with e-mail
  • checkIntegration with other applications through webservices & plug-ins (IBM, Opentext, onBase, SAP, Primavera, PHC, …)

Differentiating points

  • checkScalable architecture
  • checkConfiguration flexibility
  • checkSpeed of implementation
  • checkIntegrated Workflow engine
  • checkEase of Integration with other business applications
  • checkCompetitive price

RED.doc Architecture