On-Demand Webinar – Secure Development Without Disruption

Redshift and Checkmarx created a on-demand webinar to dive deeper on how to Secure Development without Disruption.

We live in an era of digital transformation, and software is the backbone of this transformation. Development practices and architecture are changing at an unprecedented pace. This also includes the realm of more sophisticated hacking. Therefore, it is more important than ever for security to keep up with the changing times, and better manage total software exposure across the entire SDLC.

During this webinar, Checkmarx Lead Sales Engineer, Andrew Thompson, will review the following:

  • Today’s realm of infrastructure as code
  • The move from monolithic applications to microservices
  • How software complexity and speed of delivery lead to software exposure
  • Why security clashes with the DevOps key requirements
  • How developers and integrated automation can help us to shift left

Acess the webinar here.