Our Services

RedShift Consulting is a company specializing in cybersecurity, reducing the surface of attack and protecting its information systems.

Vulnerability Analysis in IT and OT networks that allows integrated visibility in a continuous way over time on the security and compliance of IT and OT networks.

Management of access of all type of users (privileged and non-privileged) and devices to the resources of the organization with intelligent Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) in a logic of “Zero Trust Security”.

Definition of security policies according to the degree of confidentiality given to documents, respecting the rules of the GDPR.

Control and monitoring of access to all documents or databases of an organization, that is, the entire information movement within organizations.

Using Artificial Intelligence, we identify anomalous behaviors in the workstations and automatically cancel APTs threats (Advanced Persistent Threats).

Addressing the security of sensitive information under the GDPR and centralized management of encryption keys and policies.

Unified Endpoint Management, which helps organizations manage and secure mobile devices.

Addressing problems of the APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats) with solutions with great correlation capacity of logs of the various components of information systems.

SOC management with large volumes of alarm and rotational shifts.

Digital forensic analysis technology, based on international standards and best practices worldwide, in the various aspects of cybercrime.