Author: Beatriz Martins

Redshift hosted 9 European Partners

Redshift is proud for having hosted last week 9 European Partners from Azerbaijan, Check Republic, Croatia, Finland, France, Germany,  Lithuania, Romania and Turkey in a total of 13 attendees for a 2 days training course on the product RED.scan, the all-in-one multichannel capture platform.

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On-Demand Webinar – Secure Development Without Disruption

Redshift and Checkmarx created a on-demand webinar to dive deeper on how to Secure Development without Disruption.

We live in an era of digital transformation, and software is the backbone of this transformation. Development practices and architecture are changing at an unprecedented pace. This also includes the realm of more sophisticated hacking. Therefore, it is more important than ever for security to keep up with the changing times, and better manage total software exposure across the entire SDLC.

During this webinar, Checkmarx Lead Sales Engineer, Andrew Thompson, will review the following:

  • Today’s realm of infrastructure as code
  • The move from monolithic applications to microservices
  • How software complexity and speed of delivery lead to software exposure
  • Why security clashes with the DevOps key requirements
  • How developers and integrated automation can help us to shift left

Acess the webinar here.

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Deliver Secure Software From Home – Codebashing 45-Day Free Trial

Redshift and Checkmarx are offering, for a limited time, free access to the AppSec Awareness Solution for DevOps, Codebashing.

CxCodebashing is a training and awareness solution that empowers security teams and development teams to create and sustain a software security culture that puts AppSec awareness in front of the developers, front-and-center! Through the use of communication tools, gamified training, competitive challenges and ongoing assessments, Codebashing helps organizations eliminate the introduction of vulnerabilities in the source code.

Organizations with development teams of 10+ developers can get free access to all of Codebashing’s expert training and education to sharpen their secure coding skills and fix vulnerabilities quickly.

Sign up now to get your team started with a 45-day trial.

Please note the terms and conditions of this offer:

  • One trial per company
  • Need to have at least 10 developers participate
  • No more than 100 developers seats per company
  • Offer expires May 31, 2020
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