Information Security – Solutions


We implement Vulnerabilities Analysis and Management Systems with best of breed, world recognized, market leader’s solutions from TENABLE (

These solutions allow our customers to detect and monitor any technical risk that might exist on their Networked equipment (Servers, Apps, Workstations, Peripherals, Switches, Routers, Firewalls, etc.). TENABLE solutions also allow the execution of a continuous and permanent vulnerabilities monitoring capability, enabling the customers to detect their problems and manage the risk in an uninterrupted manner, detecting new vulnerabilities before they can became a real liability.

The Acunetix ( solutions complement our offer with in-depth, very detailed and accurate evaluation of web applications vulnerabilities. They detect issues in code and in system implementation, allowing a detailed analysis that will support problem-solving decision-making.

Our Solutions contribute directly to our customers’ capability to assure high levels of Compliance based on International (PCI-DSS, HIPAA, etc.) or Specific private Rules and Policies (Ex: Cisco, HP, IBM Best Practices or Corporate Security Policies).


Redshift Consulting represents the leading nationally and internationally recognized suppliers of forensic digital analysis technology to the national market as the leaders in the various areas of supply that address, based on international standards and best practices worldwide, the needs of entities Responsible for the security of citizens in the various aspects of cybercrime.

In this context, we assume as a point of reference the possibility of adequate training, within the framework of Portuguese and European legal regulations.

Notwithstanding the range of solutions outlined below, we are continually striving for technological innovation in these fields, including the provision to Governments of advanced technological options for the area of ​​criminal investigation, including the remote collection of digital evidence.

Software Solutions

Redshift Consulting’s software solutions enable you to address the evidence-gathering needs of the increasingly large and heterogeneous range of information sources through computers, mobile devices, social networks, and supporting the various operating systems, apps in ever-increasing numbers And the various types of information, possibly encrypted.

Correlation of information from a variety of sources and the provision of adequate mechanisms to produce timely reports are vital for researchers.

Also important is the support for collaborative work between researchers and between entities. In this case it is imperative to provide solutions that allow the integration with the various solutions available in the market.

Hardware Solutions

In collecting evidence or constructing artifacts the speed, and in some cases portability, of the forensic equipment is extremely important.

Redshift Consulting represents the world leaders in this type of equipment with a wide range of configurations to address the specific needs of its Customers.


Systems that continuously monitor the availability and performance of all network connected equipment. They test, collect statistics, generate alerts, monitor baseline utilization on any Server, Router, Switch, Firewall, Laptop, Printer, etc., requiring only that they have an IP Address.

Our solutions are based on Paessler (, HP (, Microsoft ( and OSC Radiator (, assuring the network administration control and Knowledge of the Network operations and behaviour.


We execute detailed Security audits in networked systems. During the audit process we take account of all resources and their configuration and processes and procedures implemented. We analyse the vulnerabilities and the risk related to each enumerated item.

We present detailed reports with problems and obstacles identified, and with measures to mitigate or solve these problems, so the Risk can be measured, reduced and controlled.

We execute compliance analysis based on Specific/proprietary Security Policies or Standard ones.


Our perimeter defence solutions obtained from Fortinet ( and Checkpoint ( allow the implementation and enforcing of Security Policies, assuring than every user and any traffic and information coming from or to the network is monitored and controlled, according to the requirements of each company or system.



Our teams are prepared for any type or level of consultancy in Information and Communication Technology.

We execute audits, study, design and evaluate solutions, propose alternatives, control and certify system implementations, validate requirements and elaborate support and operational reports of any system or technology.



IBM ( and TENABLE ( based solutions that collect, analyse and correlate security events from network resources.

Our solutions allow a detailed and continuous analysis of all events that appear on any network resource, and also to analyse the information and correlate it with any other, generating information, analysis and alerts on any internal or external attack.



We offer specialized and professional staff to support, onsite or off-site, in first and/or second level, of any data and/or voice enterprise network, regardless of the size and requirements.

We provide and assure the correct and expected service level of availability and operation of the infrastructure, in an even more effective manner if this service is combined with our Network Maintenance offer.


We have specialized staff in communication data, voice and video infrastructure dimensioning and design.

We evaluate customers’ requirements and help them choose the best solution, regardless of the manufacturer or supplier.

We assure the success of the solution, by fully backing the entire process, controlling, monitoring and evaluating performance and requirements from day 1 to final project acceptance.


We provide specially designed maintenance, support and repair solutions for data network equipment, that can assure the replacement and the operational availability of almost any type of equipment from the leading manufacturers (Cisco, Avaya, HP, etc.), regardless of how old the equipment is, even for out production or out support items.

We design the solution based on the type of equipment, the service requirements and the requested SLA.